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Client portal, where clients can upload the files that needs to be processed for accounting / Bookkeeping.

To login to the client portal you require to have user name and password from VM Accounting and Bookkeeping.


The first time you access our Client Portal you will be required to change your password. We recommend selecting a password that you will be able to remember easily, but avoid using names or dates of birth which may not be as secure. It is your responsibility to ensure you keep your password confidential to avoid unauthorised access to your personal and business documentation. We recommend you to encrypt ZIP files securely using 7Zip. (How to encrypt ZIP files securely using 7Zip?)


If you encounter difficulties with accessing our Secure Client Portal, or simply forget your
password details, you are able to request a new temporary password VIA email.


Clients Portal for File Upload

File Upload Process



Prepare Your Files

Make a backup of your files. Copy current files to new folder, give it a meaningful name. and proceed to next step >>

Zip and Password Protect

Once you have files ready on new folder. please click here to follow the steps to protect the folder.

Upload your files here

Once you have Password protected ZIP files ready. please click here to upload your files to VMABS, You will be prompt for credentials. Please contact VMABS if you don’t your credentials for uploading files to this protal.